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Weekly News - Mrs. Chandler &Mrs. Kent             

Weekly Reading and Fluency:  

*In addition to practicing the reading fluency, we would like your child to color all:  We are continuing with the same stories this week. Please remember to color the following:

nouns in the story yellow and all the verbs in the story green.

We are continuing with the same two stories this week. 

Weekly Reading & Fluency: Juniors will be reading the story Carousel

Spelling Word Focus (The final sound in puppy) 15 words

party  gypsy  country copy   happy ruby   body   story  

carry  pony         puppy quarry guilty  carry         worry


Weekly Reading & Fluency: Seniors will be reading Trapped by Ice!

Spelling Word Focus (the vccv pattern) 15 words

carpet danger scatter wisdom person after harvest survive attend raccoon

escape perform allow disturb offer


Spelling Test on Friday: Practice & Study your words! 

Spelling Test Friday Please study! 

*If your child is working out of the Math 54  (Seniors) book they will need to complete 2 lessons per week for homework. 

* New item added to homework Daily language review work. See attached sheet.

*Weekly completed classwork:  We will be sending home the weekly work your child has completed during class so you can see what we have been working on and what your child has completed during class time. 

*Science Focus different aspects of our solar system.

*Classroom donations needed:  Glue sticks, children’s scissors, and colored pencils. 

Thank you , 

Mrs. Chandler & Mrs. Kent 

 dana.chandler@leusd.k12.ca.us                                   theresa.kent@leusd.k12.ca.us